The Hackathon Design Challenge

Destex – Industrial and Creative Design in Advanced Textile Manufacturing is organizing three online Hackathons focused on distinctive design challenges in collaboration with companies. Each Hackathon is entirely online supported by this virtual platform and last 24 hours.

The Hackathons participants are selected students among the four Design and Engineering schools involved in the project: Swedish School of Textiles of the University of Borås, Sweden; School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano, Italy; Design School Kolding, Denmark; LCI Barcelona, Escola Superior de Disseny, Spain.

For each Hackathon 20 participants will be selected, 5 from each school, working in 5 international and multi-background teams of 4 participants. They will compete in the challenge and work remotely to develop and deliver a design solution within 24 hours.

At the end of each Hackathon 5 design solutions will emerge. The submitted solutions will be evaluated by a committee of experts to select the winner group. The winner will have the possibility to participate in a 1-week Summer School in Milan in July 2021 for free.

Destex project

Advanced Textile Materials is an emerging sector focusing on the technical aspects of textile materials rather than on their aesthetics. In order to foster innovation within this sector, higher education programs need to uptake and reinforce creativity and design aspects into textile engineering programs as driver to unlock the latent innovation potential of advanced textile manufacturing industry. In this context, DESTEX project will develop innovative training tools targeted to higher education students in order to address its objectives:
  • To support higher education students to acquire skills in interdisciplinary innovation based on creative and industrial design applied to the textile sector.
  • To foster student cooperation in a multidisciplinary approach in work-based projects.
  • To provide knowledge, skills and competences using virtual collaboration tools.
  • To promote the application of good practices for the enhancement of innovative skills.
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