Razieh Hashemi Sanatgar

PhD, Researcher in Textile Materials Technology
Department of Textile Technology, Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business / The Swedish School of Textiles
University of Borås

Dr. Razieh Hashemi Sanatgar is a researcher in the Textile Materials Technology (TMT) group at THS, UB since October 2019. She has competence in 3D printing on textiles, functional and smart textiles, textile chemistry and fiber science, dyeing and printing, nanocomposites and polymers. She received her joint doctorate degree in September 2019 in contribution with three different countries including Sweden, France and China in the program SMDTex-sustainable management and design for textiles. Her research focus is on 3D printing on textiles as a novel process for functional and smart textiles.

Venere Ferraro

Phd, Assistant professor Design Department Politecnico di Milano

Venere Ferraro, Ph.D. in Industrial Design, is Untenured Researcher at the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano.
She has been Visiting Researcher at University of New South Wales of Sydney (2006) and at Media Lab of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2009) where she run research on Wearable Systems with the lens on design-driven and user-oriented approaches.
She is Member of the Experience and Interaction Design Research Lab; She participated at several International and National research and she has been Coordinator of the research project POD: Plurisensorial (SAF€RA 2014 joint call).
Venere is currently the Coordinator of the European Project “DATEMATS” (KA2-2018). Her main research activity is focused on the role of interaction design in the use of disruptive technology (Wearable/smart textile and AI).
In particular, on how to exploit the potential of digital technologies to design experiential systems in both the private and public sectors. What characterizes her research is human-centred design. The research interests lie in the field of wearable devices, smart interactive systems for well-being with particular attention to tools and methods for changing user behaviour. (design for behavioural change)
She's author of several international publications, and she holds International, National Patents and models.

Stefano Parisi

Research fellow
Design Department
Politecnico di Milano

Stefano is a Research Fellow at the Politecnico di Milano, Department of Design. He researches in the area of materials for design, focusing on innovative and emerging materials and processes, including smart materials, material systems with embedded electronics, and biomaterials for product and wearable applications. He explores design, knowledge transfer, and training methodologies for meaningful materials experiences and future scenarios. On this and related topics he has written publications, participated in conferences, given lectures and workshops, and carried out research and consultancy activities.

Àlex Jiménez Higueras

Lead Project Manager - LCI Barcelona
Co-founder & Design Director - NUT Creatives

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Estel Vilaseca

Head of Fashion
of LCI Barcelona

Graduated in Audiovisual Communication from Pompeu Fabra University (2000), in 1999 she founded itfashion.com, one of the first online fashion magazines. Since then, she worked as creative director, content creator&editor, and mentor for on/off fashion brands and media - 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, Absolut, All Sisters, Andres Sarda, MaryPaz, Geox, Gisela, Mccann, Preventi, Textura Interiors, TOUS Baby, | El País, Telva, GQ, SModa, Vogue México, VEIN Magazine, itfashion.com, Style.com, Fashion.net. Currently she combines her work as a consultant and editor with the direction of the Fashion Design Area of LCI Barcelona.

Raquel Micola

Bags and leather goods Master Director
at LCI

Creative director for more than 10 years at her own company Mimótica Micola, sold over Europe, Asia and USA. Awarded with a Marie Claire price and selected as one of the most promising accessories brand by Ernst & Young.

Her design knowledge acquired in the Istituto Marangoni and the University of the Arts from London is completed with her studies at Esade, turning her into a 360-degrees professional that knows the fashion business at a global level.

She has work for Inditex several years leading some of their accessories departments, currently working as freelance analyzing and developing accessories trends reports for several European brands.

Karen Marie Hasling

PhD, Associate Professor,
Design for Planet - Lab for Sustainability and Design
Design School Kolding

PhD Karen Marie is Associate Professor and part of Laboratory for Sustainability and Design at Design School Kolding. Karen Marie focuses her research on the intersecting fields of learning, materials, design and sustainability with an emphasis on design education, changing designer roles and how engaging with materials can support this. She brings these enquiries with her when teaching artistic design, design engineering and design management students in material-focused course activities. Before entering research, she trained as a textile Engineer (BSc) and design & innovation engineer (MSc).

Astrid Mody

Architect maa, PhD, Postdoc
Design for Planet - Lab for Sustainability and Design
Design School Kolding

Astrid is trained as an architect (2004) with a PhD in the cross-disciplinary field of architecture, textiles and LED-technology (2016). Astrid worked as an architect with interior-, furniture-, urban- and lighting design and user-involvement besides teaching at BA and MA level at KADK (Institute of Architecture and Technology). Since 2019 she divides her time in between KADK and DSKD. At KADK is affiliated to the candidate programme Settlement, Ecology and Tectonics, while she as a Postdoc at DSKD is involved in teaching on BA-and MA-level and research linked to the Lab for Sustainability and Design.

Ariadna Detrell

Cluster Manager
AEI Tèxtils

Responsible for cluster executive management. She has a PhD in Industrial Organization Engineering, a Diploma in Industrial Chemistry and a Diploma of Advanced Studies, all of them by the Technical University of Catalonia. She has experience in the field of advanced textile materials, research and development projects’ management, innovation projects’ management and in diversification strategies’ development.

Josep Casamada

Project Manager
AEI Tèxtils

Responsible for managing cluster projects. He has a Masters in Innovation Management from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, a Master in Science from the University of Colorado, Chemical engineer and technical industrial engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. International experience in the field of advanced materials and in research, development and innovation projects’ management.

Marta Casadesús

Project Manager
AEI Tèxtils

PhD in Textile Engineering, Master's degree in Textile Engineering and Diploma in Chemical Engineering by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Experience in research, circular economy, biomaterials and sustainability in the textile sector.

Tia Bilali

Project Manager
CRE.THI.DEV (Creative Thinking Development)

Tia Bilali, of CRE.THI.DEV, is an MSc graduate in Textile Management from the University of Borås with her thesis research based on Virtual Reality and Fashion Communication. She previously studied Marketing & Communication, receiving her Bachelor degree from Athens University of Economics and Business, while she studied fashion design and textile manipulation and receiving professional certification. She is focusing on continuing her scientific work in VR and Communication in the fashion sector and working for European and National projects in order to gain experience and evolve. Her working experience around the world has gained her organizational and time management skills, multicultural environment and ability of cooperation, communicational skills and a wide knowledge in business environments.

Veronica Sarbach

Research - EU Projects

Veronica Sarbach is EU Project lead of Materially and developed her expertise in project management of EU funded projects addressing material innovation, knowledge transfer and design for a circular economy during her former activity as Innovation Researcher in Material ConneXion Italia. Her active involvement in previously running and current projects provides her with updated knowledge about design-driven material innovation, research and innovation for sustainable material solutions, knowledge transfer methodologies and tools. She holds a bachelor’s degree in product design (NABA) and a master’s degree in ‘Colour design & Technology’ from Politecnico di Milano.

Micol Costi

Research & Innovation

Micol Costi is core member of Materially’s Research & Innovation team. As former Director of material library of Material ConneXion Italia, she was responsible for Material ConneXion’s Italian research team and her expertise is related to a variety of fields, ranging from product design to fashion and textile design, from automotive to furniture. She has been the curator of exhibitions about product design for sustainability and is the co-author of publications about innovative materials and environmentally conscious design. She held a university course as professor on contract about Textile Design and spoke at international conferences and round tables, focusing, among others, on the chances offered by applications transfers. She held courses and lectures at several universities and design schools. She regularly holds workshops about materials innovation. She has studied Product and Fashion Design in Italy and Product Design in Germany, and later specialized in Brand Identity, with a focus on Materials and Sustainable Design. Italian is her first language followed by German, English and French.

Daniela Amandolese

Research - EU Projects

Daniela Amandolese is member of Materially’s EU Project team, developed her expertise during her former activity as Innovation Research and Library Manager in Material ConneXion Italia.
Adjunct Professor at Politecnico di Milano (course of Industrial Design) member of the Development Team of the Master Nature Generative Temporary IUAV of Venice for which she is visiting professor (courses Eco Materials & Re-use and Trend Research). She collaborated for a couple of years with the Politecnico di Milano as a researcher in the field of innovative materials and technology transfer, in the same years she has been working as a freelancer and has collaborated with companies such as Luxottica, YDF Young Design Factory, Somfy Group, Vismaravetro. She holds a Master's Degree in Product Design from Politecnico di Milano.

Silvana Laudoni

EU project manager and business consultant
CIAPE (Italian Center for Lifelong Learning)

Silvana Laudoni Master Degree in Economics for international organisations, she is an experienced project manager, who has been working for 7 years in the presentation and management of European funded projects in the field of training, entrepreneurship promotion, social inclusion, environment, R&D and innovation both in TCLF and other kind of industries. Silvana is also a business consultant with specific competences in startupping, financial, administrative and tax advising.

Veronica Guagliumi

Project Manager
CIAPE (Italian Center for Lifelong Learning)

Bachelor Degree in international cooperation and market development, Master degree in in European project management and local development, specialized in textile project with experience in field EU direct and indirect funds, direct activities management of the entire life of the project. Responsible for vocational education and training area.